You can Do anything!

With a bit more than a week left until the Danskin SheRox Triathlon, I’m starting to feel that good anxious feeling in my stomach. Last night (Wednesday) there was a bike “clinic” led by my Mentor Sue R. She had a group of her mostly newbie Mentees come out to West River Drive where the triathlon takes place. We reviewed transitioning areas - where race starts, the swim “Beach” area and the run course. After we all rode our bikes out along the 15 mile course that the bike portion follows. Since I’ve done the tri last year and I’ve continued to train – biking, swimming and running a lot over the past year – I’m now an old pro. Ha! The ladies I met on Wednesday night were all so sweet and more than a bit nervous about all the things that newbies to the tri are nervous about: what to eat and when; when to get to the tri the morning of; what to wear; how much more to train, etc. They shared other normal nervous thoughts and asked questions that all the newcomers ask. I felt like I really had come a long way in the past year and was so happy to be able to share my limited knowledge with women who were in the place I was just a year ago. You can really learn a lot about yourself through a life-altering event. I literally have realized how strong I am both physically and mentally. I am willing to take on new challenges – doing the tri for the 2nd year in a row; re-learning how to swim efficiently; finding my runner’s pacing; becoming a stronger and better bicyclist. The other great challenge I’ve under-taken is learning to drive! I am now the proud owner of my learner's permit. It took 2 tries at the written test and about 3 hours of waiting but I did it. So far I've had 3 professional driving lessons and have driven down to Citizens' Bank Ballpark twice, and down along Delaware/Colombus Blvd. I truly believe that my realization that I can do a triathlon, swim that ½ mile in the Schuylkill (and survive it!) showed me that I can do anything I set my mind to, espeically driving! My dear Nana Rhoads always used to tell me – you can do anything, be anything and go anywhere you want – just believe in yourself and do it. If only I can share these pearls of wisdom with all the first time triathletes. Go at your own pace – just do what you can. Mentally prepare. Set your gear out the day before, plan your meals, don’t over-carb load, and most importantly – enjoy the experience. YES! YOU CAN DO IT!


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