Yards IPA Pale Ale and Tomato Reduction Sauce

My dinner last night was all about using my weekly CSA Produce Share. The recipe and story were in my previous post. But for the record, I wanted to share my idea for the Yards' Beer ISB Pale Ale Beer and Tomato Reduction Sauce: I had quickly marinated chicken breast with in smoked hickory salt rub from Williams-Sonoma, some olive oil and a dash of Yards Pale Ale. After I sauted the chicken breasts, I used the remaining marinade and some more beer to deglaze the pan - getting the most flavor out of what was left behind. I realize beer and tomatoes don't often get paired together - but they should. Think of this sauce as a sort of minimial barbeque sauce. Once the beer reduced down to a few tablespoons, after about 4 minutes, I added in some seeded and diced tomatoes. Two of my 10 slicing tomatoes had split in transit and I needed to use them asap. I tossed them into the pan along with a generous dash of dried minced garlic (I was out of fresh garlic!) and they broke down into a sauce along with the reduced ale and remaining flavors in the pan. My dinner was platted as such: smashed golden red-skinned potatoes, the cabbage saute on top, a chicken breast atop the saute, and the ale tomoato reduction as the sauce for the chicken. It was simple, fresh and beyond good. Hearty Rustic Farm Food for an Urban Bicycle Chef!


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