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I may try to begin a new posting habit - sharing sites and stuff that I think needs to be looked at in further detail. I get a lot of emails, I'm just a gal that can't say no to sharing my email address. Because of this, I get deluged with stuff all day long. My Blackberry dings its little chi gong sound oh, about every 10 minutes or so. Pavlovian that I am, I continually check it just in case it's a message from Liz or someone else. Occasionally, I find a real gem. Today's daily email from, a website that features the best of environmentally sound ideas, creations, buildings and recycled stuff, sent along today's post that featured chairs made from discarded junk. You have to see this chair made out of a bicycle banana seat, a "sissy-bar" or chopper bar-back, pedals, a tire and other assorted metal parts.

Given my penchant for all things bike related, I found this especially relevant to my interests. The website is also cool, and I love the daily posts. Today's not only included chairs made from discarded shutters, giant electric cable spools and other assorted detritus. The Sissy Bar Chair might not be comfortable or practical, but it does have a certain cycle flair. Love to have it in my collection! Other interesting posts of the day included the news of New York City's newest park - a re-claimed tract of land that was an abandoned train track above the city. The good greening of our cities continues for the greater good of urban dwellers. Now if only we could do something like this in Philadelphia with our "El"...


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