The Big Bike Race Day: Phila International Pro Cycling Championship

Spent a good part of today at the Philadelphia International Pro Cycling Championship. What a glorious day! Over the span of 5 hours, I watched the race from different parts of the City. It was a way to watch the race that was completely unplanned and full of adventure. At 10 am I saw one of the first returning laps from the climb up "Wall" return to the Parkway near Logan Circle. Around 1 pm, after taking a leisurely ride through Fairmount Park, into Roxborough and into Germantown and Mount Airy, I saw the riders summit the Levering Street "Wall" and begin their coast back down through Mannyunk. During the next hour as I rode home, trying to find my way away from the crowds and blocked streets, I again saw the bike racers coming down Ridge Avenue onto the Ridge Avenue Spur and past the Main Street thoroughfare. Between 1:30 and 2:30, one last stop took us to Lemon Hill, just in time to see the one of final pro-cyclists' laps up Lemon Hill. It was exhilarating to be out with so many cyclists, spectators and pro-racers on a perfect spring day. I saw parts of Philadelphia I've never been to before. Rode with my friend Susan Hill and got a chance to catch up before she heads out on her summer vacation. Felt the pro cyclists whoosh past me as they raced past us on unobstructed streets. Worked on my biking, supported my sport and was a part of the biggest day in bicycling events. It was a very good day.


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