10 Year Anniversary

This is our 10 year anniversary week. Several people we know have asked, the anniversary of what? It's hard to quantify and since the government and churches have conspired to keep us from making our "Union official", Liz and I have chosen to commemorate our first date and the start of sharing our lives together. Along the way, we also share in the celebration of our deep friendship with several close friends who have been such a significant part of the past ten years; Donald, Steven, Jen Check, Ryan, and Roger and Astrid.

There are, of course, dozens of other friends who have been instrumental in our lives, bringing joy and song to our world. Several live far away and could not join us for our gathering. Our dear friends, Levi and Rachel come to mind, having been with us from our first heady days of young love.

In so many ways it feels like yesterday that we met, went for beers and french fries at Potcheen on Locust Street, and then another date to Marathon on the Square, and then a third date to a Mexican Restaurant followed by a walk through Washington Square and ice cream at More than Just Ice Cream. The past ten years have been about more than good meals out - there's been travel, laughs, fantastic parties (so many!), barbecues on the patio, movies, books, and most importantly, a love that grows stronger every day.

Moving into the next decade of our lives, we are happy to also share the news that the we shall become three. Baby Braden-Gorniak is due in mid to late November. Talk about growing our love! Good news seems to abound in our family, Liz's brother and his wife are also in a family way, and happily, are due at about the same time as us. The world expands and wraps its arms around us all.

We are a lucky pair, fortunate to have amazing friends around us, good people who care for and support us. To all of you I say, Thank you,Tanit Auguri, Anniersario Felice!


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