Artist in the Square

One of my favorite things about living in Philadelphia and working in and around Rittenhouse Square is that I find, see and meet the most things and people. Today while walking through the Square during my lunch hour, I spied a man painting scenes in the square in oils on small canvas and scraps of plastic, framed with found wood pieces from Key West or Dade County, Florida. Most scenes were Key West beach and surf style images, palm trees, wind surf boats, sunsets. His work was very good and modest. The artist was working on a Rittenhouse Square scene and at the same time was laughing and talking with a local resident; the two of them were having a merry time, their good moods were infectious. Among his paintings was a very small and quick study painting of a rooster, very French in style and bright without being too garish or over-done. The painting was garnering a lot of attention but no one else seemed interested in its purchase. Lucky for me! I stopped to chat with the creator and inquire about the paintings price. Cheap as Chips it was and too good to pass up. The artist's name is Robert Suret, and I could easily tell he wasn't from around here. Whether I guessed correctly or he was pulling my leg, but I asked if he was here in Philadelphia from Key West. "Yes, a Cajun by way of Nova Scotia, on my way back to Nova Scotia." Mr. Suret is driving, painting, hanging out and biking along the way, enjoying life and making merry everywhere he goes. A truer joie de vivre I have not found in some time.


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