Square Root Day and the Meaning of Life

03/03/09 was my 42nd birthday. I'm happy to be in my forties and I love that 42 is also the start of the 6th-Seven year cycle of my life. Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy thought that 42 was the answer to the Universe and meaning of life. March 3, 2009 was considered Square Root Day, as 3 is the square root of 9. I'm big into numbers, not enough to be a numerologist, but enough that to see and seek rituals and superstitions around combinations of numbers and dates occurrences. I like my date of birth, I suppose most of us do. It's our special day and most people share well wishes, congratulations (sometimes condolences!) and of course, we get presents! What's not to love? I am especially fond of my numerology of being born on the third day of the third month.
March is an unusual month, full of unexpected highs, lows and temperature fluctuations. It's the rebirth month of the seasons, taking us out of the dark winter and into the tender newness of spring. I like the colors that start popping up, the spring onion greens, carnation pinks, Mellon-ball oranges and Meyer lemon yellows. I tend to dress in Easter colours most of the year, come March, April and May, I feel that my fruit loop hued wardrobe is appropriate to the season. My temperament and moods also seem to follow the crazy month of March, at times gentle as a lamb but more often as vocal and voracious as a lion. The weather can start out hot and then turn cold with snow showers all in the span of a work day. I can remember my 34th birthday, Liz and I spent the whole day together, doing fun things that we normally wouldn't do together, like going thrift shopping, exploring neighborhoods we didn't often visit, checking out new places in the city. The weather that day was over-cast but balmy, kind of like South Florida winter weather - warm but with a lot of humidity. I went out without a jacket, probably just wearing a tee shirt. By the end of the day, the temperature went from the mid-60's down to the 30's in a matter of hours. Balmy to stormy winds. Kind of like my moods some days.
One of my birthday customs is to visit the Philadelphia Flower Show, as it is always during the first week of March, it coincides nicely with my my birthday. My mother would often take me when I was a little girl, so it's become at tradition for me to attend the Flower Show. This year I went with a co-worker, Nina, and Liz. The three of us wandered downtown, stopping for tea at T-Bar, and then a bite to eat at the Reading Terminal before we wandered into the Flower Show. We spent more time gabbing and visiting than we did at the flower spectacle, but we did manage to see some fantastic displays. Our friend, Bailey, one of Liz's chorus singers from the Opera Company, owns an exquisite flower boutique, called Moda Botanica. Bailey entered into the flower show this year and won Best in Show and Best Modern Floral Arrangement. We were so thrilled for him and genuinely impressed by his magnificent display and exhibit. Once we saw his space, most other displays palled in comparison. Later, Liz and I had a quiet dinner at Paradiso, my favorite Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. It was a pleasant day all around and I spent in the way I wanted, with people I like, doing things that I enjoy. A birthday gift to myself.


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