Lemonade That Cool Refreshing Treat

I have been remiss in posting this very thoughtful award given to me by a fellow food blogger, Mary Ellen. She found my blog and shared with me and several other foodie blogs that she follows, the Lemonade Award - for refreshing blogs that she (and presumably others) enjoy. I wish I could say I had a huge reading list of other foodie blogs, or even other blogs in general, but alas, I cannot. I barely have enough time to keep up with my schedule, as I indicated in my last post, a week ago! Nevertheless, I was tickled to have a fan find my blog and to be able to add another great blog to my growing list. Mary Ellen's Cooking Creations blog is absolutely gorgeous and her recipes are original and detailed. Had I not been awarded an honor by Ms. Mary Ellen, I'd give her props for the fantastic mouth watering food photos and the energy to post on an almost daily basis. Perhaps one day I'll be a more consistent and punctual blog poster. Maybe I ought to go the route of twitter...in the meantime, check out her blog and the others she recommends. I'll be trying to find some new people to whom I can pass along the award, along with working on getting the Sexy Shrimp and Pasta Recipe up from the Aphrodisiac Valentine event City Food Tours hosted this past weekend. I've barely caught up on sleep from the weekend's events, but I can report we had a fantastic turn-out; a series of sucessful events - Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as many clean plates!

The details for the Lemonade Award, should you care to "borrow" this idea, are:

This award is meant to be shared and passed on, so there are a few rules -

- Add the logo to your blog
- Add a link to the person who gave you the award
- Nominate up to 10 other refreshing blogs and list the links. Then, leave a message for each nominee informing them of the award.


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