The Beckoning of Lovely

Several years ago, Liz gave me a book for my 38th birthday, called, An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It is a magnificent book of happiness and kindness, a book chronicling the life of the author, in encyclopedia format. I found myself instantly smitten with this tome and vowed to share it with as many people as I could. I did share this book for a while. This book moved me in so many positive ways that I wrote to the author one night. It was spur of the moment extemporaneous writing, that I just "put out there." To my surprise, I received a lovely reply from Ms. Rosenthal. As a further surprise, I was asked to forward to friends information about An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life and the website. In return, I was given an autographed copy of the book. Three years have passed since I first read or even thought about the book. Then, as peculiar things often happen to me, I thought about re-reading the book and touching base with the specialness inside its pages. I thought about Amy Krouse Rosenthal and wondered what was happening in her writer's world. Her book inspired me years ago and I find that I am in need of fresh inspiration. Lo, a sign appeared to me today - an email from her! Ms. A. K. Rosenthal has been a busy lady over the past three years, raising a family, writing other books, making video projects and creating mass happening collaborative art projects with the world. Once more I feel compelled to share her vision and art.
Her email to me, and I'm sure others on her list, asked us to check out her latest creation, a short, 7 minute, YouTube video project called, The Beckoning of Lovely. I encourage all of you to watch this short, and then to look at other videos she has made. If this doesn't move you, I don't know what will. If you like what you see, and I think many of you will thoroughly enjoy this happening, then you should also check out her website: or her website about the book that brought so much pleasure to my life:
Beckoning the Lovely, on YouTube
Here is the email I received today from AKR:
Hello You
As a person who has at one time or another expressed interest in my work and/or sent me a nice note (and by the way, thank you again for that), I am operating under the assumption that you might want to know about "The Beckoning of Lovely." What is "The Beckoning of Lovely" you ask? It is a short film (and by short, I mean like 7 minutes). It's about creating and collaborating and writing and music and art and life and exploring the unknown and interacting with the universe and splashing in fountains.So now, if you will please drop everything you were doing and watch this...:)"The Beckoning of Lovely"

Since it launched a couple months ago, a lot has happened...And that in turn led to the next phase of the project (but don't watch this til you've seen the first part). This part is titled "Invitation to the Universe."

Finally, if you go to you can read about the team I'm assembling to help make the final feature film -- 14 key positions in all -- and the weird happy bit of synchronicity having to do with Obama's first 100 days in office.Maybe you'll submit your own lovely thing?Maybe you'll apply for a key position?Maybe you'll just watch and (I can only hope) not regret having done so.Thanks for reaching out to me when you did...Be well.
amy krouse rosenthal

Here is the email I sent over three years ago. To get the references about which I write in my letter, you really must read the book; they will make so much more sense!

Dear Ms. Rosenthal,
I received your book as a gift, for my 38th birthday. My day was last week, 3/3. Like you, I really feel that the date fits me well. I like the doubleness of the threes. On March 3, 2003 - our local daily newspaper's cover story was 03/03/03 - as if though it were some sort of supernatural event. This, coming from a paper that only cares about our corrupt politicians (we have many) or the Eagles football team (they've been letting us down for years).
Just about everything in your book gives me an "AHA - YES!" moment. And while this is completely corny, it is true - I've never, as far as I can remember, written to an author before. I've wished that I had. I regret never writing to Helene Hanff, author of 84, Charring Cross Road. She inspired me to read, learn more and of course, desire more than ever to go to England. Which I did do eventually, and visited the famed spot of her beloved bookshop. Sadly, it is now a Pizza Hut. Damn American Corporations! They're everywhere. - Oh, yes, as I was saying - I think about writing people who make me happy, or inspired or those who's work has affected me. My intentions are always so much bigger in the middle of the night. Like now, except I am writing to you. Email is so immediate.
I've been laughing out loud on public transportation while I've been reading your book. I've been smiling a lot more - and I'm a smiling kind of person, trust me, it's a lot. I keep thinking about the people I know who have to read your book. My friend Maureen, who just had her second baby, when she gets a spare moment has to read it. Rachel, my best friend of 20 years, who recently moved to Arizona. My girlfriend, Liz, who gave me the book, has been sneaking entries when I'm not reading it. This book is clever, real, touching, and absolutely connecting.
Tonight I was on the subway, on my way home from work and I was listening to the compilation I made on the ipod - and thinking about the mix tapes I used to make. I keep laughing when I remember your mix tape reference - it's so true. I read about the purple flower moment and kept thinking - what's my moment? Everything felt so contrived though - like it wasn't just a just, but rather a "had to be". So I let it go.
Came in the door, brought in the mail, trash cans and papers. Walked the dog. Opened the mail. And then, there it was - a chain letter! I haven't seen one of those in over 15 years. Chain email, daily. But not an actual chain letter mailed to my home. Of course, it wasn't addressed directly to me, but rather another name and/or current resident. 3 pages long. Testament to how we could make over $800,000. Just send a dollar to the 6 people listed. Make 200 copies. Blah blah blah. The crazy thing is, when I read your entry about chain letters, I thought about the time when I would get them all the time at my first job. How when I would try to send them back to the P.O. Box or have the mail carrier take them back or send them to the correct address, they would just keep returning to me. Oye, the dread I would feel throwing them away. Eventually I got over it and chain letters stopped arriving. Until now.
Well, I am enjoying your book and bits I've discovered on the website. If I didn't love the book so much, I might feel compelled to leave it somewhere for someone else to discover. Maybe I'll just leave spare change with a note saying put the money towards buying this great book.
Many thanks for all the good reading.
Denine R. Gorniak
P.S. Where does one find your signature fragrance?


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