Looking for a Sign

The last impression I gave about my state of being from the previous post is that I'm feeling not so great about myself these days. This is sort of true. Going through body-identity issues and having to rethink my weight loss goals and place. It's funny, when I was fat, I never saw myself as such. Now that I am slim, svelte, in shape, with muscles, almost "skinny", I don't know how to view myself. Instead I fixate on the new wrinkles on my face,under my chin and on my neck. I see the flabby mid-section, the start of the dreaded dangling bubby arms. Ahck! It's to be expected at my age and other than working out and keeping it all at bay, there isn't much any of us can do sans surgery to prevent the body from slipping and falling and letting gravity do its thing. Apropos of these feelings, I was on the train last night, heading out to my therapist for my emotional "tune-up". Among the signs posted on the R5 Septa train was a sticker pasted over the sign that reminds one to take all trash, litter and stuff with you to discard it properly. Perfectly positioned, looking as official as the sign on which it was placed was the sticker you see in my above photo. If ever there was a sign for me, this was it. "You are beautiful". Simple, thoughtful and uplifting. All it cost me was the price of the train ticket (and a hefty fee to my therapist!)


  1. You ARE beautiful, Denine. PS - I tagged you: http://www.supermaren.com/2008/11/24/tag-im-it/


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