Moyamensing Avenue June 22 #3
Moyamensing Avenue June 22 #3,
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Well, actually, I've been feeling myself mood swinging in the past few weeks. I feel great today because I've been asked for permission to have this photo used in a book project.
called, We Feel Fine. Check out this amazing website - WeFeelFine.org The request came via my photo host sight at Flickr. It's an interesting project and an amazing sight that collects data from the Internet and blogs in relation to feelings. It's hard to describe - but from what I've read, data is collected every minute looking for the phrases "I feel" or "I am feeling". While my photo does not exactly invoke a feeling or emotion, I do remember or "feel" that I was in a time and place that was far removed from my actual location. I thought the area and the lighting, the buildings and the way the sky and clouds looked reminded me of Europe or the Midwest.

As for my photo being used, anytime that I get recognition for one of my photos is cause for me to celebrate and feel good about my photo hobby. This particular photo isn't one of my most favorites, but the series of photos it is from is. I remember the day so well because it was one of those perfect Summer days when the sky is so optimistically blue, the clouds look like happy cotton puffs and the air is clear and clean. Makes one feel anything is possible. As for my general moodiness of late, I do think it's related to the weather here in Philadelphia this past week - rainy and dreary, as well as to my weight loss state/stasis.
In general, I've been struggling to move past this plateau I am at again. Can't quite get to my next goal number. I know I've made great progress but it just never feels like enough. It's not good enough that I've lost close to 65 pounds, I haven't lost that next 5, 10 and 15. I also have not been riding or heading to the gym nearly as much as I was in the summer or in September. This past week's been better - rode twice, went to yoga, I even ran and lifted weights! Geesh, I am turning into one of those weight and look obsessed woman who can't be satisfied with my weight loss accomplishments. No, I'm not becoming anorexic or bulimic (the bulimia phase I went through at age 16 is thankfully long over). As great as the Weight Watchers program is, I do find it a bit frustrating that the program is all about reaching your "goal weight" which is the weight one should be based on height and age. I don't know that I will ever truly be between 117 and 146 pounds. The lower end of those numbers sounds skeletal scary to me for my medium boned frame. 146 just seems impossible to reach, not as impossible as it did 63.8 / 65 pounds ago, but hard to reach. I wanted to get to 150 pounds, and/or to lose 75 pounds in order to get my next "weight charm". I will continue to work towards that number, but I have to say, it's freaking hard. Anyway, I will continue to stick with my program and work on new exercise goals. I need to train for another triathlon and a series of bike races. The goals for the Summer of 2008 were definite motivators for me and gave me a structure that helped with the weight loss and reshaping my body. Does anyone out here have any advice? Can you identify? Leave me a comment. I'm curious to know what you all might think.


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