Spreading the Phillies Love

I have been so busy, too busy in fact, to really devote thoughts and time to writing. Work at the Shul has been odd due to the month of High Holidays. Working at Williams-Sonoma, one or two shifts a week, and getting in a few tours here and there with City Food Tours, as well as studying and practicing my tour materials. Not much time left over for feeling inspired to write, recipe develop or even bike much for that matter! Frankly, I've been feeling bereft of ideas and inspirations, I've been in a definite low-grade funk lately which has not been aided by my lack of work outs, biking and exercise in general. I realize now that I've become slightly addicted to exercise. There could be worse things to get addicted to, food, drugs, booze, baseball. Oh, wait, I am addicted to baseball! The Phillies! How great have these series play-offs been? Fantastic! Last night, for game 4, you could hear the roar of the crowd at Citizens Bank Ballpark all the way in our neighborhood, nearly 2 miles away! It was a still night, with the winds most likely blowing northwest out of the ballpark. Every time a great pitch, hit or play was made, the uproar and cheers would carry down 9th and 10th Streets into the heart of South Philly. It was amazing to hear, made it feel like we were at the ballgame. I hope my next entry will be about the madness and parties I'll see tonight after the big win. In the meantime, here are a few inspiring sights of Phillies love I've spied around the neighborhood and city.


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