Baseball, Interupted

Bud Selig has to be the worse thing that has ever happened to baseball. He is a despicable excuse of a human being and a terrible baseball commissioner. As Angelo Cataldi said today on the WIP morning sports show, Bud Selig has ruined baseball. The only other person who has wrecked such damage on the American psyche and spirit - George W. Who, by the way, had he been picked to be the baseball commissioner when he was involved with the Texas Rangers would have surely wrought havoc on our greatest national past-time sport, but possibly we could have avoided the havoc and hostility he caused to the entire United States. I guess you can figure out, I am royally pissed today, along with the rest of Philadelphia and Phillies Phans. We've been momentarily cheated of our place in baseball history. Along with the cold and rain, there is nothing more depressing than a major event interrupted at an inopportune time. Mitch Williams - "WILD THING" was jawing off this morning about the unfairness of Cole Hamels (the phenomenal dreamy Phillies pitcher) having to pitch the top of the 6th inning in adverse nasty conditions; our outfielders having to stand in mud and rain puddles; yet the cry-baby Tampa Bay Rays didn't have to face these conditions when it was the Phillies time at bat. I quite agree. BOO Bloody BOOHOOHOO. Oh, the Phillies Fans are too tough and rough on the Rays' Fans. Oooh, the fans are making it tough on the Rays' baseball players. The fans behavior and loudness is hurting their confidence and ability to play. Cry me a river. What the heck did the Rays think they would be facing? Nuns? Saints? Deaf Mutes? What would have happened had they played the Mets? Think the Philadelphia fans are crazy, try any other sports intense city. Look at Boston - Red Sox Nation is horrid. I know first hand, having sat in an area that became a mini-Red Sox Nation at Citizens's Bank Ballpark several years ago when the Sox played against the Phils. Those fans out screamed, out yelled and out misbehaved all the Phillies fans in the Cit that night. Tampa Bay - your team is young. Grow up.
Good going MLB and Mr. Selig. Keep on chasing that mighty dollar. If you haven't nearly ruined baseball with the steroid crisis, the strike of 1994, surely you are doing your part to rain on the Phillies Parade of 2008. Baby, we're not dead yet. We've still go a lot of Fightin' left in us. Go PHILS!


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