A Trip to Margate and other fun times

The week at the beach continues to be lots of fun. On Tuesday, we drove into Margate, NJ. This is one of the older shore communities, a few miles south of Atlantic City, and home of Lucy the Elephant. You can walk into and up to the howdah on the elephant's back and view the city and coast of the beach.
A nice couple from York, England, took this photo of Liz and I on top of Lucy. This was are second visit to this iconic novelty building that dates back to 1881. Over the course of my stay at the shore, I've seen Lucy more times in the past two days than I have in all of my 41 years. Tuesday we drove to Margate; on Wednesday, I rode over to Ocean City, met up with my friend Sue, and then biked all the way to the end of Atlantic City, passing through Longport, Margate and Ventnor, while spying Lucy two more times during my bike rides.

Self-portraits # 1000! One of so many pictures we take at events or places to commemorate ourselves! This was taken on our back porch. We were attempting to get a good photo with the setting sun behind us. We mostly succeeded in taking goofy shots and then laughing ourselves silly. We "shore" are having fun on this trip.
Now that the season is officially over at the shore, this beach and the entrance have become practically our own private beach. Strathmere and this end of Sea Isle City are very quiet and not as densely populated as other parts of the Jersey shore. As I ride the length of the island, I feel like I'm in an old New England shore town.
Dinner by candle light. Part of the fun of sharing a shore house with a group of friends is the time we spend together at dinner. Donald, our house organizer, has made each meal time festive and special with table decor, seating arrangements and candle light.


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