Hop To it - Calling all Adventurous Eaters

I am about to embark on a very unusual project - cooking with bugs. It's a crazy story that started with an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer Food Section. I read a story about a bug cooking and tasting demonstration at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Embedded within this article was this sentence "...Anyway, now he's at work on a cookbook. The job is slow going because he lacks the necessary culinary training to create and write recipes, Gracer says. He hopes to connect with a talented chef." A light flashed a bell rang and an idea came over me. I immediately wrote to Dianna Marder, author of the article, and asked her to forward my contact information to Mr. Gracer. Within a few days he called me and after a brief, hilarious and energetic phone conversation, I found myself agreeing to order 1,000 plus crickets and planning to come up with recipes for using these little hoppy fellows. This is where YOU come into the picture. I've ordered the crickets from Fluker Farms and sometime this week I will be the happy recipient of 2,000 members of the family of Gryllidae - commonly known to you as Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids. My undertaking, as it were, is to slow down their metabolism; carefully open their box; feed these buggers a last supper; and then humanely euthanize them so that I can then clean, roast, blanch and pulverize these protein packed chirpers into edible tasty treats. Honest! Truly! I am not kidding here!
As part of my assignment, I am going to document my tasks and record my findings. I need several adventurous tasters to join me in my culinary journey and help to make this project a reality. For your consideration, you will be immortalized herein this blogosphere, if you so desire. I plan to rustle up these victuals within the next two weeks. Any one out there in the Philly area "game" enough to step up to my plate and dine with me? Contact me at dgorniak@comcast.net
Serious yet curious tasters only invited. The evening is sure to be packed with fun and subterranean good eats.


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