I had originally intended to write a post about canning, but as I am sitting here (on my can) in the living room using Liz's laptop computer, we have the Democratic Convention on the television. What a momentous time this is. I truly never thought I would live in a time in America to see someone other than a white upper middle class man become the Democratic Presidential Nominee. The word can has multiple layered meanings, noun, verb, adjective, adverb, Conjunction Junction what's your function? I'm gonna get you there if your very careful...Yes we can - we can elect someone different than the norm for the past 2 centuries. Yes, we can make this country a better place for everyone. Yes, we can make change happen we can believe in. Liz is all weepy here and I find that I am tearing up a bit too. What is it about heartfelt speeches and little kids being themselves, real moments of love and admiration and thousands of balloons and signs in support of a candidate you can believe in? It's about hope and the audacity to believe that American can come together in a unified way and put racism and elitism and classicism aside. I can hope and believe and vote for the party that can put right the wrongs done over the past eight years. I can see a brighter future that includes voices like mine, where people of different colours and ethnic backgrounds are recognized as being members of this country, and not be seen as an unpatriotic outsiders to be deported, shunned or pushed aside to give room to the reigning and dying moral majority. Mr. Barack Obama - YES YOU CAN be my President.


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