Tri-ing to get everything all in a row

Photos - 3rd & Market Streets - Christ's Church Fence being used as a bike lock rack. First Friday - August 1, 2008
It's countdown time now for the She Rox Triathlon. T3 minus 1 and counting! I'm not so sure if I'm nervous or in denial. I think I'm ready, though I won't know for sure until after I get out of the Schuylkill River and then get on my bike. It's making it up the river and under the Columbia Avenue Bridge and back down the river that is worrying me most. I should and could be worried about the run, but once I'm on land, I can walk, run, power walk and hobble if I need. What I'm doing now, aside from wasting precious sleep hours, is carb loading! Yeah! I can eat bread, and pasta, and potatoes, all at once! And I've had ice cream. Creamy, rich, delicious ice cream from the Franklin Fountain at 2nd and Market Street. Peach and Blueberry. And I don't feel a bit guilty. Besides, we walked from 5th and Race, through Olde City and First Friday, and then all the way home from 2nd and Market to our humble South Philly home deep in the heart of South 8th Street. I should sign up for more athletic events, if I get to eat such serious carbs like this and lose weight, it's worth the physical efforts. YEAH RIGHT!
So, as I count down the hours until I take to the water at 8:28 am on Sunday, I am visualizing myself doing well, swimming efficiently, biking easily and fast, and running, fleet of foot, like a modern day Lady Mercury or Teleflora runner. I send out many thanks to all of you who have been following my progress and sending me good wishes. If you are in Philly, come on out to have a look see - West River Drive, at the Disabled Rower's Boat House, between Sweet Briar and Black Roads, halfway between the Water falls near boat house row and the East Falls Bridge. For directions, click here. Hope to see folks on Sunday after the race. Photos and feelings to follow!


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