3 Crashes & Another Road Rash Badge of Honor

I have now fallen off of my bike three times, bruising and gashing both knees and my left elbow. They say, "they" being my fellow bicycle friends and acquaintances, that you tend to have to fall three times out of your clips before you get proficient at mastering the art of toe clips and cleats. I can only hope. I am not happy with the scabs and scars I am building on my legs and arms. My elbow has a cut and a small marble sized welt along the bone area where I tend to lean my arm when I type. Not comfortable. Today's latest crash came at a similar point to my first crash - as I was stopping to end a ride. This time I wasn't paying enough attention to the road at the end of the Schuylkill River Trail and I wiped out on the large patch of big rocks that meets up to the trail and the railroad tracks. Luckily I fell on my side and ample derriere. I wasn't hurt as badly as in my other falls and no gear, gadgets or body parts appear to be broken, other than the aforementioned cuts and scrapes. Now if I were a mountain biker or BMX racer, I'd expect to have a lot body damage. However, I am a 41 year old woman, a triathlete for goodness sake! I think I should be over the stage of skinned knees and boo boos on my legs. Yeesh!
The odd thing about this third fall is that they definitely happen just as I, a)begin to feel a bit cocky on the bike because I get to thinking I can go just a bit further and faster, and b) I start to lose my attention and don't focus on the road conditions or what the heck is right in front of me. I have been contemplating giving up the clips and go back over to toe straps but my ego isn't quite bruised enough to make the change. After tonight's spectacular fall, I could be convinced that it is in my best interest to keep my legs and arms sexy and not add on any more gashes and wounds. I never did go in for wearing dresses and skirts; now I practically can't wear them, I'd look like the epitome of a Tomboy in her big sister's frock. Yuck!


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