It's a great day from morning 'til night

Today was a great day. There were awesome photo opportunities, a successful tri-gear shopping trip, employee of the month prizes from Williams-Sonoma, and I met and worked with Robert and Eric of City Food Tours and Events. All in one day! The Time Cycle Bike Couriers who hang out at 18th & Walnut Streets at Rittenhouse Square indulged in letting me take their bike photos. I've been chronicling their cool fixies and activities for the past several months. Today I noticed that they had a bike with a huge bin attached to the front that is larger than the ice-cream style cycle truck bikes I've seen around town. This cargo bin was large enough to carry a person and loads of stuff. Tommy and Donovan, as seen in the following photos allowed me to photograph the bike and added a few shenanigans to the shoot. Hysterically funny. I love bike messengers. These guys are cool to the max!

My new Buddies, Robert and Eric of City Food Tours, called me a few weeks ago to see if I would be available to help out on some upcoming events. I met them through Williams-Sonoma, they brought in a few culinary tour groups to discuss and taste various olive oils. The olive oil tastings and the times I've met with them have been great experiences. We hit it off immediately, we had a real Philadelphia connection, where we've known some of the same people and worked in and around the same fields. I'm very impressed with their culinary knowledge and business skills. I am looking forward to working with them both on more events; moving towards something more culinary related. Event planning, teaching and business building feels in line with where I want to be.
The prize from Williams-Sonoma came out of the blue. I was named employee of the month for the store and in the district! Colour me surprised! Our manager, Will (a fantastic manager by the way - I LOVE Working for him!), gave me a great pen, and I think there are other goodies to come. It was also Calphalon frittata pan day! The staff was promised new pans for attending a training session back in February. After a four month wait, we finally received them. Can't wait to use the new set to whip up a tasty frittata for lunch. Possible blog ideas in the near future...
After last night's tri training ride, I got a good sense on what kind of gear I should be wearing for the big day. I broke down and bought a pair of triathlon-specific spandex shorts, and a biking jersey. The jersey is a bit superfluous - I wanted one to look like a biker! Surprisingly, I don't look like a stuffed sausage in the shorts, but I won't be wearing only a sleeveless running top with them, I'm still too pouchy/poochey in my middle section to bare that much free skin and body. If I don't want to see me in an entire spandex get-up, no one else does either. Not the time for the old Ned Flanders "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all" routine! Nor do I want to be a complete Fred out there during any of my rides. Now all I really need for the tri, besides more training time, is a decent sports bra to keep my big girls from giving me black eyes when they bounce during the run. Oye Vey, the indignity.


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