Things to make you smile

The hot humid weather and the long boring quiet days at work have made me feel miserable. I have been a FUNK most of this week, not wanting to do anything or start any projects. I was becoming filled with a strange anger this week, my mood was very like the weather, hot and stormy and about to break! Luckily like the heat wave the mood and atmosphere cleared up for the better in the later part of Thursday afternoon. I felt so awful that I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't be able to shake the feeling. Biking and swimming were not helping much because it was too hard to do either and get anything accomplished. I went biking early Sunday morning, but wisely, we only rode out to Conshohocken due to the extreme heat. I got in a swim and then was exhausted for the rest of the day. My work out on Tuesday was terrible, I could hardly get a deep breath. My lungs felt like they were filled with water, even before I got into the pool. The air quality was poor and humidity was sky high, making it impossible to exercise. Today, after another dull day at the office, I took full advantage of our summer hours, leaving early to head to the gym for a good 26 lap swim before I had to work at Williams-Sonoma. The shorter day and a good swim paired with the better weather helped my mood a lot. As for the tri-training, with only a week to go, I'm as ready as I have made myself be. The upside is, I've made a lot of progress in four months. I'm going to look at the positives I've accomplished and just do my best and finish the event.

In the meantime, I've been wanting to continue creating photo posts of the week. All of my blog entries contain photos, but I'm borrowing on an idea I saw on another blog - a Photo of the Week Picture Essay. Here are a few cute shots I've spotted over the last week around town:

A Scooter that looks like a character from BEE MOVIE - Location: 11th & Pine Streets
Chihuahua sleeping in a basket in the window of a hair salon - Location: 20th Street between Sansom and Chestnut Streets

Smart Car with a Wind-Up Key. Location: 18th & Locust Street at Barclay Prime

Chicken Chipolte Taco Trio at El Vez. The best lunch deal in town, beverage, soup or salad and entree $14.95. It's not too crowded and if you have the day to yourself, they make the best margarita's in town. Get tipsy and have a great lunch! Location: 13th & Sansom Streets


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