Party Time

We had our first soiree of the season this evening - a swell gathering out on our patio complete with great friends, good food & beverages and tiki torches. I made an assortment of nibbles and we bought a lot of beer and wine and found a good reason to mix up my Limoncello Mint Mojitos. Mmm yummy and oh so strong! Yes - it is possible to serve healthy and low-fat food that tastes great; however, it doesn't seem possible these days to do so on a modest budget. Luckily we enjoy entertaining and the added expense of doing so is just a by-product of having a good time. Oy, too good of a time. I think I indulged in one or perhaps 3 or more too many of said limoncello mint mojitos, a few beers, and I think, a sip of an amazingly good and fun bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum. One might think that at my age, 41, I'd have learned how to drink responsibly and hold my liquor. As Agnes Gooch said in Auntie Mame - "I LIVED!" A little too much, at this moment, I am trying to find the equilibrium of sobriety while I post this entry. Even several hours later, having been woken up out of a dead drunk sleep I still am feeling the after affects of the party. Yikes! Yep, I'd say there is a large element of regret and hangover now that the sunlight is up.

In years past I would have been itching to to dancing to keep the party going, and ending the night at an all-night greasy spoon. Sensibly, our party did not end on the dance floor. No trips to the discotech or Woody's this time - but given another round of drinks, who knows what shenanigans I might have convinced myself and guest to partake!

Bailey and our dog, Hamlet enjoying a moment together.

Mrs. Christine Nass-Phillips - Opps! I caught ya!

Those were some tasty nibbles!

Liz and Astrid. It looks like Liz is conducting.

Liz, Astrid and Susan - a lovely gathering of ladies.


  1. I'm so glad everyone had a great time. I'm feeling better now, but still sad I couldn't be there. Let me know when the next party is, and I'll bring it on!!


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