Loading up the bike and heading on the road

This is the big 5 Borough Ride in New York City. I'm so excited about my first big ride, with 30,000 people through 42 miles of the streets of New York - Manhattan, Harlem, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. I'll be heading up on Saturday morning, taking the train, and the ride is on Sunday morning. I am not actually taking this bike in the photo, or even the bike I ride on a regular basis - I've opted to rent a bike so I don't have to deal with the hassle of hauling a bike on trains and subways through Philadelphia and New York.

My training for the triathlon and general weight loss are definitely giving me a fitness edge. Last week I rode 30 plus miles home from Paoli and I wasn't exhausted. This week I worked out four times, swimming, weight training, running and biking at the gym. Friday I rode 27 miles (including my 4 mile round trip commute to work). The NYC 42 mile ride could be a breeze - I HOPE! Butt fatigue and possibly getting too wet from the potential rain forecast might be my biggest personal obstacles.

Riding, or any physical activity lately feels so good, though not necessarily easier; I can push myself a little harder and go a lot further. Hills aren't taking all the wind out of my lungs. My legs can handle inclines without the lactic acid burn building in my muscles. There's a subtle toning and definition happening to my body - especially in my arms. It's cool, and I am truly enjoying getting into the work outs and liking my routines. It's been helping my moods and helping me to really like myself in a whole new way. My energy levels are higher and I'm not having the crash and burn mood swings I used to experience before that were most likely brought on by sugar, a bad diet and lack of sleep. Why didn't I discover this joyful feeling years ago? At least I'm enjoying it now. When I return home, I'll post photos and stories about the experience. New York, here I come!


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