Word Play and Working Out

The photo doesn't really have much to do with what I intended to write - I just thought it was funny. One of the managers at Williams-Sonoma was playing around with letters that we use for shelf displays. He wanted to make as many words as he could using all the letters on hand. It appealed to my photo essay collection of of random findings, art, quirky signs, etc. It also reminded me of the word play games that I've had going on with bunch of my friends online. We have been playing Scrabulous and Scramble on our Facebook pages. It's a lot of fun and the games have been going continuously for months. I'm particularly into word games lately, so seeing Christopher's word playing has more meaning to me these days.

I've begun my training for the triathlon this week. I met with Anthony, the trainer, for my fitness program on Saturday. He gave me my booklet with all of the workouts he thinks I ought to be covering over the course of each week. We went through the weight training, resistance and endurance circuit. He showed me all of the weight machines that I'll be using for my full body workouts. It's an intense and overwhelming amount of circuit training but I'm very excited to do this routine. He suggested that I work out 5 times a week; 2 whole body workouts, swimming; a Brick - Bike to Run, with intervals; and band stretches at home. It's a good thing I've started now because I cannot imagine trying to build up the endurance and strength if I did not have 4 full months to get my body in shape. I'm very sore tonight, a bit from our trial workout with my trying each machine and doing 1 set of reps on each. I'm also still recovering from all the other workouts I did this week. Sunday I did a cardio workout on the bike and treadmill with a brief interval on the rowing machine; Tuesday & Thursday I had Aqua Aerobics classes, and swam some laps; Friday I got in a 40 minute bike ride down to Citizen's Bank Ballpark and around the Lakes. I've exercised more this week than I have over the past several months. What's great is I am actually enjoying the workouts. For more than just weight loss, this program will help me define and sculpt my physique. I can see and feel some small changes already. Physically speaking, I feel like I'm becoming someone I don't recognise! It's cool and disconcerting at the same time. I am enjoying the discovery process of uncovering who and what has been under wraps all these years. There is also the experience of rewiring my brain and coordination abilities through the exercise. Oddly, I find that trying to be more coordinated while I exercise is helping my brain and concentration. Small wonder that I am also enjoying the word games at the same time - it's all exercise for the full body workout.


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