My name is Denine and I am a Bread Addict

"They say bread is life. And I bake bread, bread, *bread*. And I sweat and shovel this stinkin' dough in and out of this hot hole in the wall, and I should be *so* happy! Huh, sweetie?" - Ronny Cammareri, MOONSTRUCK

I have a general addiction to all tasty foods with bread being one in the top ten foods I love and crave. This challah bread was my first attempt at bread baking. The recipe and dough were given to me by my friend Jill. We had a challah baking lesson a few Sunday's ago, and I took the dough home to finish. This was my braided and baked result. I'm writing about it today because I've been thinking about how I miss bread and would like to be able to have my daily bread without the weight gain and carb addiction cycle. In moderation - it's okay. It's the everyday-eating-the-entire-loaf that gets me into trouble. However, I've been doing well with the weight loss over the past few weeks. Keeping the bread intake down, exercising and eating sensibly have helped me to lose about 4 pounds in the past 3 weeks. There were two weeks with smaller under a pound losses and last week was a 2.4 pound special. My tally thus far, 54.2 pounds. Liz and I together have a combined weight loss of over 100 pounds! To put this into a visual perspective that would be the equivalent of:

5 of my dog, Hamlet
2 Sacks of Carrots

      Danica Patrick - the Race Car Driver

      3.649 Bars of Gold

      7.5757575...Standard Building Bricks

      7.1428 Stone in British Weights & Measures

With this in perspective, it makes me not want to eat bread! I'm hoping to lose more weight, but more than that, I'm looking forward to getting in shape for the triathlon in August. I've started working out at the gym. I've hired a trainer to help create a workout program and nutrition guide to get me into shape so I can complete the events.

Meeting with the trainer, Anthony, was quite a sobering experience. He is a boot camp instructor; has competed in the Iron Man Triathlon and has the physique of a Young and Pre-Steroid Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's intimidating and quick to the point. He got my vitals and stats, writing down my current weight and height. Then he took my body mass index - which at first I thought was a great number. After I looked it up on an online chart, I realized my body fat percentage is still in the obese range. I cannot, make that, I don't want to imagine what it was before I dropped the 54 pounds. I realize he is looking at me today, not at where I was 8 months ago, and that he's a trainer, so he's apt to see everyone not in shape. It's not that I want to feel like I'm perfect, but I would like to feel good about my current choices, where I am today and where I'm going physically. Among the many facts he brought to light, one was not to "scare" me to give me a quick reality check; the swimming part of the triathlon is the hardest part. It's in an open body of murky water with lots of people kicking and pushing. And you have to keep swimming or else. Heady stuff. What I took from my initial meeting with Anthony was that it did make me determined to want to see this event through to the end. Rather than feel defeated before I begin, I am taking the approach of just going ahead and being as prepared as possible. Body and strength training, weight loss, smarter eating choices, it has to help me get ready for the coming events of my summer. So into the pool I go; running on the treadmill; working out with weights. I figure the next month will at least help with the 42 mile 5 Borough Ride through New York on May 4th. That which doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.


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