In the trash heap with a sleeping princess

I did something so incredibly stupid and thoughtless that I deserve to be flogged. Well, maybe not flogged but definitely deserve to receive a Harry Potter howler letter that gives me a giant slap and a big wet raspberry in the face. Not to rehash the embarrassing and stupid thing I did, to cause further pain and embarrassment to all parties involved - I will write that I wrote a thoughtless and stupid comment in an email to many people - one of whom was the person I made a thoughtless comment about. It was me being callous and rude and not all nice and I'm truly sick to my stomach at the idea that I brought any pain or discomfort to a person who I don't even know. How do you apologise? If I were a politician or celebrity, I could release a press statement that talks about the deep introspection I am doing. I could go into rehab or counseling and search deep into my soul to find the source that cause this verbal misdeed. I could apologize to no one and everyone at the same time, becoming self-effacing and contrite without meaning any of the words. I don't want to be that person. As it is, I feel so ashamed of myself for dissing someone who has made amazing life strides, negating what this person accomplished all because I am having a problem with my own self. I feel like the world's biggest ass right now, because really, I behaved like an idiot. Lessons to be learned: I have to think more about what I write, when I send it and who is going to read it. I need to look inward and stop projecting onto others what is really my problem. Why do I have such a big mouth and such a small brain sometimes?


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