From Little Chicks to Big Bird

Today's post is more or less a photo edition. We have chickens! The PreK class got eggs for one of their spring life cycle projects. The eggs came in on Friday, and were set in a brooder box. Part of the project involves having the kids in the class guess which egg would hatch first. The teachers and several of the admin staff picked egg #3. Egg #1 hatched first. Egg #3 was the fifth to hatch out of 6 or 8. It's a fun project, allowing the children to learn about the cycle of life and to see life bloom before their eyes. Two or three of the chicks hatched within an hour, and I noticed a chick pecking out of its shell when I went check in on them. Last year there was an egg that didn't hatch and inevitably, a chick that didn't make it past the exhausting process of coming out of its shell. This brood is hearty, all the babies seem to be doing well, eating a lot of feed and huddling together for comfort and warmth.
The Phillie's 2008 Season has begun in true Phillie's Phashion - they lost the first home Day Game opener and the first Evening Game Opener. Like good Philadelphia Sports Fans, Liz and I hold our hearts out on our sleeves for our Phillies, full of hope, only to have our expectations crushed. We attended the first opening night game, thinking that they would surely pull out a win against one of the worst teams in the league, while facing the 3rd string pitcher. The Phils had an embarrassing night on the field, giving up a home run and not bringing in any runs of their own. I think they ended the game with 1 hit and 1 error. Typical April start to the Phillies baseball season. The game ended quickly; how could it not when you get nothing but pop up outs and strikes all night? The best part of outing? We got t-shirts that are so big on each of us, thanks to the recent weight loss, that the shirts will now become nightgowns. Yeah Weight Loss - Boo Phillies!

There are some wonderful signs of spring in the Philadelphia area. I found my first dandelion of the season. One at this time of year is a pretty flower; come summer when there are thousands they are just pesky weeds. The dogwood trees in Rittenhouse Square are almost in bloom. On Monday, the tree in the center photo was just about to start opening its blossoms. I noticed that on Wednesday the tree had almost burst forth. The photo to the right shows one of the smallest bird nests I've ever seen. So delicate and tiny, all the way out on the tip of a small thin branch. Can you imagine the wee bird that calls this home? Must be no bigger than a minute!Saving the best for last - During my lunch break on Thursday, I had to run some errands. In order to get around Center City quickly, I biked around town. As I was riding north along 16th & Sansom Street, I saw a person in a Big Bird Costume lumbering down the street. Reason # 1000 why I love having a camera with me! What was so funny about this scene - no one seems care that Big Bird is strolling down the street. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?


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