Sick and Inspired

I dislike when I don't have an entry to post because I'm not feeling inspired, or because I'm too tired. Lately it's been a bit of both, with a touch of illness thrown in for good, or bad, measure. I was really on a roll for a week there, posting several times in one week and then BAM! Nada. Sorry about that loyal viewers. I try to write when the mood strikes. I find it's easier to write about the topics in a thoughtful and natural way. Of course, I could just write recipes. I am always cooking and taking photos of my meals. It's become an obsession of sorts. It sucks for my house guests and girlfriend, because we can't eat a meal until I do a bit of food styling and take several dozen photos to "capture" that special photo. Thankfully, now that Ms. Liz is busy in rehearsals every night, I can cook and photograph my results without having to stall dinner for her. She just gets to come home, exhausted and hungry to a full refrigerator of tasty meals. Not a bad trade off at times, though I would much prefer her to be home in the evenings. The life of a musician and conductor. At least it keeps us happy and doing what we love.
So anyway, as I mentioned, I've been sick for the past few days. I picked up the bug at the gym. Oh, yeah, I finally joined a gym! My first class was an aqua aerobics class on the night I joined - Thursday, March 20th. I had a great work out, discovering new muscles and ways to make them ache. Friday after work I went for a quick and short bike ride in some fierce head winds. And this is what happens to me, I get a sinus/throat/bronchial infection when I a)go swimming for the first time and b) bike in cold winds that get me gasping for breath. Sure enough I started to feel that unpleasant tickle in the back of my throat by the finish of the weekend. By Sunday night, I could hardly breathe. Monday I stayed home from work, and tried to sleep most of the day. I'm having trouble keeping my sinuses open and getting a good nights sleep, plus I'm losing my voice. Too bad my appetite hasn't diminished. I lost a pound at my weigh in on Tuesday, though I'm sure I put it right back after my dinner tonight.

Some of my getting sick may also have to do with our very full Easter Weekend. While Liz was at rehearsal, Jen Check and I had fun out on the town Friday Night before meeting up with Liz and another friend, Kevin. We went to The Good Dog for beers and some of the best burgers in Philly. Saturday I worked at Williams Sonoma, helping to avoid an economic recession by selling cooks tools and dispensing olive oils to the City Food Tours Group that comes in on Saturdays. Sunday I went to Liz's church, living up to my C&E Status (Christmas & Easter attendee). I was the only fool who wore an Easter Bonnet. It got me a lot of attention and good laughs. Later when we came home, we had some merriment with the hat, each of us posing for photos, and then tormenting our dog, Hamlet, by making him don it for several pictures.
I cooked a Pascal Leg of Lamb; Steamed New and Fingerling Potatoes with Rosemary; Steamed Green Beans; Broccoli with Cheese Sprinkle; Glazed Carrots with Wine, Dill and Honey; Grilled Asparagus; and for Dessert, a low-fat lemon cake with non-fat ricotta and cream cheese frosting and low-fat lemon curd filling. Um, yeah, it's no wonder I'm sick and I haven't lost much weight in the past 4 weeks. D'oh!


  1. Dear Chef,

    I luckily, and happily, stumbled upon your blog after typing the phrase "cycling chef" into a search engine.

    As a writer myself, I find that my best writing comes from times I don't feel like writing, and I force myself to write. It must be a weird psychological thing. Sure, it's sometimes hard to force yourself to write.BUT JUST WRITE, no matter what!!!

    I'm a cyclist myself. However, due to being hit by a pickup truck on my fixed gear bike in Milwaukee, I'm unable to ride a BIcycle. Luckily, I've discovered the TRIke.

    I'd love to read about times where you've involved cycling AND cooking. You know, those times where you rode your bike to the grocery store to pick ingredients to that awesome Italian meal you made for you crazy friends that evening.

    Take care,
    Cullen Carter

    Appleton, WI


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