Reason #100 why I love having a camera with me at all times: Bird Watching.
Spotted a hawk in my neighborhood, with its prey.
I've been spotting at least 2 hawks in Rittenhouse Square; seen one up close twice - once without my camera and a second time without enough time to whip out the camera. Today's sighting was a rare treat. It was no higher than the top of our row homes, and it had a fresh kill in its talons!
I've heard that this hawk has been patrolling the alleys of our neighborhood. We've seen evidence that it's been around - loads of feathers and some carcasses, but I hadn't' actually seen it for myself yet.
Look! It's got its dinner in its clutches!
Hawks like this one have become fairly common all around Philadelphia, but it is still such a treat to spot one in our busy residential neighborhood of row homes.


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