Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here are few of the sights and visions I found over the past few days that had a definite St. Patrick's Day Theme. The dreaded, depending on your age and mind-set, "Erin Pub Crawl" began over a week ago in Center City, peaking on Saturday Evening and winding down today. Of the many Wearin' 'o the Green sights I saw, only one was not draped or adorning a person - the Lucky Horseshoe with Green Ribbon I found on a garage door 17th & Delancey Place. Thereafter, the green could be spotted on all manner of places - whether or not the person could walk or had the body to really be sporting a shamrock.

Plastic Bowlers seem to be very popular. These two "Dandies" are making their way to some watering hole along Chestnut Street.
Erin - ya shouldn' be wearin' an entire suite o'the green my lass. 'Tis not becoming. Lucky for us, I don't have a view of her mug - she was sporting an over-sized pair of novelty green sunglasses with beer yellow frames. 'Tis a pity she's a bore.

As crooked as the olive on the pick above his wee head - Mr. Irish Cat in the Hat was a bobbin and a weavin in a drunken stupor. Now do you really need another wee dram of Jameson's Laddie?
A dear old friend once told me, "Don't be caught smoking in public." Seems these two maidens and the lad have not heard this sage advice. Ladies - don't block the box either, though in your cases, perhaps you should for the night.


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