Celebrations and Milestones

Yes! You can have your cake and Eat It Too!

This is the kind of entry that I've thought about for weeks. It's writing one imagines you would like to write if given the chance. For weeks now, I've set up imaginary goals and plans for this day. It's the kind of thing I think we all do to psyche ourselves up to meet a task or challenge. Because March 3rd is my birthday, I had set a goal of reaching my 50 pound weight loss by this date. I've struggled these past 2 months with trying to take off my last 8/9 pounds. It's been very slow going, mostly because it's winter, I hadn't been that great with keeping to my program, and I'm not moving and riding as much as I would be in the warmer and sunnier days of the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. Realistically I know that I set myself up for a potential bomb explosion of not meeting my goal. But unless I tried, I would never know if I could achieve my goal. To quote an entry I wrote in January "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?", my answer today is that I would lose the weight I want to lose and I would continue to lose more until I reached a point where I felt comfortable. To that end I have made tremendous strides.

Today I have many things celebrate. The sudden and unexpected spring-like day; My great relationship with Liz; my good friends, family and co-workers; waking up without too much soreness from yesterday's extensive 36 mile bike ride; Having it be my birthday and realizing what great strides I've made over this past year; succeeding in my plan to meet the next mini-goal of losing 50 pounds!

I went to my Weight Watcher's Meeting tonight, dressed in my lightest clothing, hoping for a drop of 2.5 pounds. Not only did I meet my goal I exceeded it by .2 pounds! I have now lost 50.2 pounds since Monday, July 30, 2007. Today truly is a Birthday - these past seven months have been an astounding and life altering experience. I entered tonight's Monday Night Meeting with a positive attitude, looking forward to my weigh-in and to sharing my journey and birthday with the members of the Monday Night Club. What would I do if I knew I could not fail - work harder, continue to lose weight and climb more hills on my bike rides. Next I might venture to try more culinary adventures, write more and finally learn to drive. Beyond that - share this journey with whomever will listen and just keep trying. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Sure you could do it -but are you gonna?


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