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There are days when I am thinking about things to write and share. I find I'm pondering more than actual composing. This has been one of those weeks. I suppose it's that I want to be inspired before I blog and have the musings read as original. The will and desire are here but my computer has been malfunctioning and my time has been limited. It's enough to drive me to throw the computer out a window in utter frustration. I haven't been super busy, just super frustrated.
I've been cooking a lot but not anything especially fabulous worth recipe memorializing. I did get a new wok finally! An amazing purchase bargains that happen every once in blue moon. I was working at Williams-Sonoma, in the right place at the right time. An All-Clad wok was returned, never used. It was one the company no longer sells, and had been marked down from $200 to $20! You might think I'd be woking and rolling every night, but alas, I have not. So far in the past week I've made two very excellent stir fry dishes. One with loads of vegetables and salmon and a sauce that is a variation of the essential Soy Orange Ginger Sauce; the second stir fry was a Sesame & Peanut Noodle Sauce with vegetables.

A warm front moved into Philly on Thursday and Friday making it ideal mid-winter biking weather. Since our office closes early on Friday afternoons, I was able to get out on my bike and take a ride around Kelly Drive. While I'm not riding as much as I want to or will come spring, my shorter rides are a salve to my soul. I find that I'm able to ride 10 to 18 miles, round trip, between 1 to 1 &1/2 hours. I'm trying to concentrate on riding faster for a shorter amount of time versus long distances. The wind is usually a factor on how fast and far I can go. Had there not been a head-wind along most of Kelly Drive coming off the river, I think I would have made the trip in an hour. The ride was physically satisfying - getting in my exericise points as well as getting in some nice visuals. Excellent late afternoon for bird watching too! I heard that this is a big birding weekend - maybe because birds are starting to migrate? I saw the usual suspects along the river, over-fed Canadian Geese too blotted to waddle; a tree full of robins; several hawks -one of which I've been watching in Rittenhouse Square for the past week; a stunning cardinal flying through the brush along the river banks; and a female blue-jay.

PhOTOS LEFT: This is the Rittenhouse Square Hawk. I watched it one day while it was eating its prey, but alas, I did not have my camera that afternoon. Too bad, it was low enough in a tree that I could have taken a few gory detailed photos! CENTER: Rowers on The Schuykill River. RIGHT: View of Laurel Hill Cemetary from Kelly Drive.

Caught that movie, Juno, on Friday evening. It's a sweet, touching film, good for the whole family with no huge moral dilemas or issues to beat you upside the head. Going to see this movie re-reminded me that I really love to go to the movies and don't go enough. I enjoy going by myself, mostly because it's hard for Liz and I to have evenings free together - her schedule is so evening oriented & I'm the day time office worker. Reconnecting to seeing movies on my own reminds me of discovering the Ritz movie theater when I was 19 and 20. There were so many great films to see and discover as a young adult - I was seeing and discovering myself at the same time and the movies helped in a way. I can feel that same giddiness and wonderment in the theater when I watch an especially moving or intense film now. It makes me jazzed up and full of things to talk about; I want to rewatch certain old movies again, or finally watch ones I should have seen 20 years ago. The other thing about seeing a good or great film is that it starts me wanting to see other good films out now and it also makes me want to read more and to listen to music. Funny how that works. A movie that is adapted from a good book will make me currious about the book, and any articles about said movie. If the movie has a good sound track, I want to hear it, collect the other songs by those artists and then that spurs me to listen to other similary music. It's all a connected process, one idea leading to another and making me feel artistically and intellecutally whole.


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