Before During and Now

Monday evenings are the night for my weekly Weight Watcher's Meetings. I've been attending the meetings and working the program for 5 1/2 months. We started on July 30, 2007, and have not missed a meeting or weigh-in except for the Monday's when the center was closed for a holiday. Both Liz and I have been successful with our weight loss and change to our life style. Usually on Monday nights after my meeting, I feel pumped up, energized and revived. The meeting leader, Pat, is inspiring and fills each meeting with genuine inspiration and care. Even on the evenings that I've not had a significant weight loss, or even on the nights when I've gone up half a pound, I come away feeling positive. Tonight is no exception. I've lost another pound an half - bringing my new weight loss total to 43 pounds!

As Liz and I both reach new milestones, and lose a few stones in the process, I thought it might be visually stimulating to mark our weight loss over the past few months via pictures. Here's a recap of the past 5 months.

Here we are before we started weight watchers - July 4, 2007 in Spoleto, Italy.

Bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes - Labor Day Weekend 2007. We had been on WW for about 1 month. I lost about 11 pounds by the, Liz was at 9 or 10 pounds.

One of our many self-portraits - at the final Phillies game of the 2007 Season - Sunday, September 30th. We were doing WW for 2 full months. We were both closing in on 20 pounds lost - a combined loss of nearly 40 pounds!

Christmas Day - 40 & 33 Pounds lighter! It was a very happy Christmas!

December 29th - We attended a wedding for Veronica & Jason - and we both felt like blushing brides! This silver jacket is over 2 years old, but fit me infinitely better! By the final weigh in for the year, I had lost 41.4 pounds and Liz had reached 35 pounds. When we think about the combined weight loss of 76 pounds; Going down 3 sizes; giving away over 10 bags of clothes; and the health strides we've both made in 5 months, it's OUTSTANDING & ASTOUNDING!


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