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13th & Bainbridge Street - Philadelphia, PA
It was a photo-happy day for me, starting with this find on my way to work in the morning. Adding to my photo-journalism were the following other finds:

Philadelphia's most elegant woman. She is always impeccably attired, her hair, face and clothes pure stylistic perfection. I have no idea who she is, but I have seen her around Rittenhouse Square and in the Ardmore Suburban Square Shopping District for the past 15 years. I managed to capture her image at La Colombe Cafe.

The warm 60 degree temperatures brought out hoards of people to Rittenhouse Square, as evidenced by the children's art - Sidewalk Chalk Charlie was at it again!

The warm weather brought out the hot boys too.

And the bikers were geared up ready to ride. This is Chuck - a very amiable fellow.

Closing out the day - I spotted this sign in the Paoli area - Hey, Roofers gotta eat too.


  1. there's our sidewalk art from our walk to the park on a very odd/post-rain/warmish day! :) p.s. charlie rules !!!


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