Random Thoughts about the day

Random thoughts about Today:
The pizza I made (see previous entry for recipes), was really tasty. The dough was puffier than I thought it was going to be, more of a foccacia style than a pizza style. Probably because that's what I was attempting and because I did not knead more flour into the dough - it was wetter than I usually allow it to be. I also did not let it rise as long, probably about an hour of rising vs several. The flavor was fresher but also a bit less developed. Could also be the weather, knowing how doughs can change with the barometer and humidity. Today was dry. Tonight it is cold and dry, feels like snow flurries. Cold enough for flurries but not wet enough for a covering. So the pizza came out well. I ate a great deal - it's easy to do when it tastes so good. Watched an older episode of the L-Word. I want to reacquaint myself to the character story lines so I can see where this new season is going. I actually think that they introduced the "Papi" person's name in the first episode of the third season. An uncle of Carmen's, who is said to have borrowed a prom dress that no one in her family knows what he did with it. Hmm. Anyway, the show is contrived but I do like it. The Moira/Max character is as annoying the second time around but it is also fascinating. I am fascinated by the whole notion of transgendered and social role playing we do as women and men, and gay and straight. I had a real moment of identifying with Alan Cumming's Billie character when he first spots Moira/Max. I was thinking about how so many girls I knew 20 years ago had that boy-girl thing going - geesh, it's still going on, without the intention of being trans, anyway, I had it too, and one time I got hit on by this older queen at some slum of a back alley bar. I had that Choir English School Boy thing going on. He kept touching me, pinching me, and so of play slapping me because he thought I was cute, but he was mad that I wasn't really a boy. Funny to think about - no one would mistake me for a boy any more. And it wasn't that I was skinny, though I was thin that's for sure. Just had that 80's androgynous new-wave preppy look that was popular. Come to think of it, it's sort of back. Now I get what my mother always said, "Oh, that look! We were doing it back in the day!"

Had some correspondence with Rac today. Even though we have a country between us, we still are so connected to the same emotional turmoils. I think it's the winter blahs, though neither of us has had a winter. It's been so warm here on the East. Not much cold out in the South West. My Trip to Tucsonlast month to visit was so incredible - as I keep saying, it has exceed my expectations and that that it was so perfect, that it was almost unreal. You can't live your life like that all the time, it's too emotional, too raw, too much of your feelings out there exposed. Ah, I suddenly get what L's is always talking about when she describes her time in Spoleto and how everyone feels when they are there making art, sharing their art, being in a make-believe world for a limited time."She was also writing about how she was feeling waves of homesickness and that she had a thought of wanting to move back east. I said "It's the time of year. Our bodies must go through some winter hibernation due to lack of sun light or something. You want to move back because after two plus years, you spent time with one of your old selves and went back in time to a place you liked and did things like you used to do that felt familiar and comfortable, all while being your fabulous new sexy self! It's easier to feel like, I should move home, because it seems ideal all of a sudden because it's what you know. Except what you know doesn't exist anymore. Just realized that the L-word website has the Chart as a blog and web page connection, with a possible "Chart" that you can work. Well, it seemed inevitable. Gotta say, I'd play, though my history, while short and brief, was fun. Love the current life so much more. I am happy to say, I wouldn't want to go back in time to change a thing, or change the present.


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