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Holiday Entertaining from Drinks to the Main Course

We have a new food market in Collingswood, McFarlan's Market.  It's been an exciting couple of months for many of us folks who live and eat "In The "Wood" so to speak.  We finally have a lovely food market where you can run in and grab something ready to eat, something for breakfast or dessert, a last minute ingredient for dinner, or find something in the butcher's case to make for a special meal.  There are provisions, groceries, produce, lunch meats, salads, vegan and vegetarian foods, just to name a handful of the delicious things you can find each and every day at McFarlan's.  With the Collingswood Farmers' Market done for the season it's a boon to the town and to me personally to have this market within walking and/or biking distance.   We are truly able to support all things local with our local purveyors of fine foods having opened their doors and cases to the entire town.

McFarlan's has sponsored and asked to write a few recipes feat…

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