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Strawberry and Rhubarb Milk Bread Pudding

When strawberries and rhubarb are in their brief season, you have to make the most of them while you can.  And when your local farmers' market has the best selection of strawberries and rhubarb as well as a fantastic artisanal baker, well, then you really have to make this dessert for whatever occasion you want.  Between the fruit at Fruitwood Farms and the Milk Bread from Lost Bread Bakers, I made a dessert so decadent that I was glad I had a party to take it to so I could share this treat with many people.

Fruitwood Farms had deep ruby red strawberries so sweet they barely needed sugar, along with just picked Rhubarb that I cooked down into a unctuous compote.  As soon as I saw the fruits I knew I was going to make something wonderful.
A few stands away I found my medium to tie my dessert idea together - a loaf of Milk Bread from Lost Bread Bakery.  Milk bread is a cross between a hearty white sandwich loaf and a brioche.  Enriched with milk and cream and sugar, this organic …

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