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What's new at the Farmers' Market?

I spied with my little eye: A lovely shopper with a gorgeous bike filled with fresh produce. Rather than do a complete "sneak" photo, I spoke to the shopper & we talked about her nice bike.  Her name is Alex, and she was a gracious market-goer.  Her basket was filled with radishes, lettuces and blueberries.  Her bike and the strong basket, which looks like wicker, but is really a plastic-coated wire, is from the Erleton Bicycle Shop in the Cherry Hill, NJ area.  It's a new bike that's got a retro look to the Raleigh line of bikes.

I also saw the Market Manager, David Hodges, ALWAYS in his red shirt & cap - he was testing the new ATM Machine located Mid-Market, behind the CWFM Tent and Veggie Valet.  Yes! We have an ATM. So if you forgot your cash and worry that the vendors where you wish to shop won't take a credit card, fear not!  We gotcha covered! If all goes well, the cash machine, aka, a MAC Machine for us old skool devotees, runs via a wifi unit an…

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