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Salsa Contest 2017

Dispatch: Stars Hallow aka Collingswood, NJ - The 2nd Annual Collingswood Farmers' Market Salsa Contest.

On a warm clear Saturday, 10 contestants gathered at the Farmers' Market at 10 am, to test their culinary prowess and creative interpretations of salas, in three distinct categories: Red Salsas; Salsa Verde; Fruit Salsa.  While we had 9 fewer entrants this year, we had strong contenders with high hopes and great flavorful salsas that challenged the 6 judges taste buds.  Two categories had guaranteed winners - the Red and Verde entrants just needed to have their entries place in winning order, while the Fruit Salsa category needed multiple tastes for the judges to finalize which we deemed clearly this season's best tasting salsa.  It was no easy task - of the five fruit entries, the judges could not decide on second and third place.  We had to break the tie, twice!

Our contestants ranged from 2nd time entrants, to several new folks who have deep talent with salsa makin…

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