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Italian Style Grilled Pork Loin with Rosemary

UPDATED and SPONSORED POST! This post originally appeared in May 2009 but I decided to revisit it to make it relevant for a barbecue post as well as for my Collingswood Farmers' Market posts.  Scott, from Nature's Own Farm, was kind enough to donate to me an impressively large and succulent pork shoulder.  The original recipe was made with a pork loin but after having made it with the shoulder, I can attest that the recipe works with either cut.  I've included both versions since the techniques are the same, only the cooking time varies since you need to have the internal temperature reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Having a gas grill means never having to say you are sorry you can't grill tonight. I know there are the hardwood charcoal purists out there who feel grilling isn't grilling without a hot coal fire under your primal cuts of meat. The smokey aroma, the char, the higher heat all adding to the deep outdoorsy taste. Believe me, I love real grilling over good c…

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