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Collingswood Farmers' Market Peach Pie Contest 2018

The rains couldn't stop our 16th Annual Peach Pie contest from being held on Saturday, August 4th. Bakers, spectators, and judges all braved the downpour, the thunder, the potential that the rain would make our plethora of peach pies soggy bottomed affairs.  No, we braved the elements and took up our forks in pursuit of tasting the best peach pie of the 2018 season.  And man, where there pies! 4 in the Classic Just Peach Pie category and a whooping  9 entries for Peaches Plus.  
I took a bit of video to share so you could see just how much rain with which we had to contend.  At one point before the start of the contest, we covered the pies on hand with tinfoil, pie pans, and our own umbrellas.  
This year we had plenty of judges on hand who were willing to fill their bellies with all things peach-pie.  As in previous years, we split up into two judging teams - some of us were tasters for the 4 Classic Peach entries, the rest of the judges were tasked with tasting the 9 Peaches Pl…

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