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Burgers all Month Long!

In honor of the start of barbecue season, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and just about any other Merry Day of May, I'm sharing several recipes for burgers.  Beef and Bleu Cheese Burgers; Asian Pork Burgers on Lettuce Wraps; Lamb Burgers with Cumber Yogurt Sauce with Feta and Tomatoes; and Garden Vegetable Burgers with Mango Salsa.  I have a burger for just about every week of the month, cooked in a variety of ways, allowing you to change up your repertoire all month long.  Get your grill ready, or pull out the grill pans.  Some of these burgers are baked, some are pan seared.  No matter what your cooking method or taste desires, I have a burger for you!

I found all sorts of good fresh meats at McFarlan's Collingswood Market - extremely tasty beef; fresh ground pork; and ground lamb that was quite tender and not at all "gamey' tasting.  I think I enjoyed making and eating each burger more than I thought I would.  The spoils of being a food writer is that you get to …

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