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Peach Gazpacho

A couple of weeks ago, on a hot Saturday afternoon, I was foraging in the refrigerator at my mother-in-law's house, looking for something to turn into our lunch.  We had a lot of cucumbers and some random vegetables, along with access to fresh herbs and tomatoes from the garden.  I quickly discovered I could whizz everything up into a quick gazpacho, and Voila! We had a healthy soup for lunch.  After thinking about how easy it was to turn a handful of vegetables into a no-cook soup, chockablock full of healthy seasonal vegetables, I realized that I ought to be making this garden elixir delight more often.
Strolling through the Collingswood Farmers' Market this past Saturday, I perused the freshest tomatoes, yellow zucchini, Italian peppers, fresh carrots, juicy peaches, and vine tomatoes so ripe they were blushing from freshness.  After purchasing my provisions from Schrober's, Flaim, and Formisano's Farms, I came home, washed the vegetables and tossed them into my m…

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