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Get Toasted for Mother's Day!

A simple conversation at work, about brunch ideas for Mother's Day, led me to think of ideas for doing various "TOAST" toppings - riffing on the now ubiquitous Avocado Toast.  Rather than re-work that almost cliched idea I thought about other offerings - Ricotta Toast; Sweet Potato Toast; Ramp Butter with Radishes on Grilled Bread; Rustic Bread with Homemade (or high quality) Peanut butter and Jam Toast.  You get the idea.  With Mother's day being this weekend doing a toast bar assembly might be a nice alternative for brunch.  You can set out a few kinds of breads or bases, have your topping choices laid out, and assemble as desired.  Plus it's not a lot of cooking and can work hot, warm, and cold.  For the gluten free set, Grilled Sweet Potatoes and Brown Rice Cakes are nice alternatives.  Can't quite help you out for the low/no carbs - you'll have to wing it.  If you have some ideas - do share! Leave me a comment here or tell me about it on Facebook at…

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