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The Best Party of the Year: Diner en Blanc 2017

This year's Diner en Blanc 2017, was held on Thursday, August 17th.  We were led from locations all from all over Center City, South Philadelphia and North Philadelphia, down to Franklin Square, which is located between 8th and 6th Streets at Race Street.  Philadelphia's 6th year anniversary installment of the French Pop Up Picnic in White (the French version is going on it's 29th year now) was themed, Philadelphia First.  Franklin Square was the perfect locale for the party - being one of the 5 original town squares of Philadelphia; the namesake of Benjamin Franklin; and a newly revitalized destination that is still over-looked and under-utilized by many Philadelphians.   There couldn't be a better venue to bring attention to one of Philadelphia's hidden gems as well as provide the most elegant backdrop to what is arguably the biggest and best party of the year for Philadelphia.  Diner en Blanc Philadelphia - #DEBPHL17 is also the largest one in the United States…

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