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3rd Annual Salsa Contest at the Collingswood Farmers' Market

The 3rd Annual Collingswood Farmers' Market Salsa Contest was held on Saturday, July 7th, and I was a judge once again.  We returned for a day from our 2-week vacation at the Jersey Shore.  It's nice to take a vacation from vacation and do something completely different.  The drive up from Strathemere, NJ, takes all of 1 hour and 10 minutes on a Friday night when most people are heading down the shore!  The weather was a perfect day because the heat wave broke and skies were crystal blue clear. With many people shopping and visiting at the Market on Saturday it was an ideal day to be out and about.  We had an impressive turn-out of participants - 13 people entered the contest.  I saw a few folks who have entered the pie contests try their savory making skills as well as many new-comers.  

Participants in the contest hailed from towns in NJ: National Park, Haddonfield, Barrington, Runnemede, Paulsboro, West Berlin, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, and Atco.  Nearly everyone was a wi…

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