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Mexican Inspired Vegetable Corn Chowder

As the Summer produce season either nears its end or produces an abundance of garden bounty, now is the time to start stock piling your favorite Summer vegetables while they are at their peak.  This soup is a perfect all-weather tonic to use what's in the market now, or to make and freeze for another time.  You can freeze the vegetables and make the soup later, or make the soup now and freeze the soup for another time. Either way, it's a way to capture the best of what's coming into the Farmers' Markets now.

This soup is vegan, not because I'm vegan, but because it just works well that way.  You can use a home-made or store bought vegetable or chicken stock.  You can add some cream at the end of making this, and you can add some shredded chicken (rotisserie, grilled, sautéed, etc) or even a bit of silken tofu to it to amp up the protein quotient.  Having worked in vegetarian kitchens, then having worked at a place where I need to "keep kosher" during th…

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